About Palstorps Hage

Palstorps Hage is a family fun farm where we focus on active play and learning in and near nature. Palstorp is located just south of Nyköping in the beautiful valley of Kiladalen. The former farm was turned into a play and activity attraction in 2001 by Håkan and Helena Nilsson in 2001. In 2011, the Hansson family took over and continued to develop the business, with the help of their competent co-workers.

The vision we have for Palstorps hage is to be a natural choice for a fun day out for famillies who live within 2,5 hours away from us.

Using our creativity and commitment, we want to make more people aware of how fun and educational being outdoors can be. By trying the activities together, memories are created which can strengthen both the individual and family and friendship ties. We believe that this will also make our guests more aware of our wonderful nature, our cultural heritage, and the value of these.

In May 2015 we will inaugurate a new part of our business – a forest village (Skogsbyn) with six unique cottages built on the wooded slopes by Palstorp. In the forest village we focus even more on people spending time together in nature. You can find out more at www.palstorpsskogsby.se​

The team:

Marie Hansson

Does a bit of everything both at the family fun farm and at the forest village. Owner of Palstorp and Skogsbyn.

Contact marie@palstorpshage.se

Born in March 1979 and grew up in the country in the northern parts of the Västmanland province. I went to university in the Jämtland province and truly enjoyed its amazing natural landscape. I now live with Lars and our children Axel and Matilda at our beloved Palstorps gård.

What's the best thing about working at Skogsbyn and Palstorp?: I love the variety of tasks to be carried out during the year. During the summer months we meet so many fantastically playful guests, young and old alike. I get to work outdoors all year round, which suits me well. During the winter months I prepare the oncoming season, with planning and paper work.

What did you do before you started at Palstorp?: I studied Sustainable Nature and Culture based Tourism at Mid Sweden University (Mittuniversitetet) and Outdoor education at Linköping University. Weekends and school holidays I would work in restaurants and hotels. When I graduated in 2002 I started working as the head of tourism in our neighbouring municipality Oxelösund, where I continued working until we bought Palstorp in 2011.

Interests: Family and friends, and preferably spending time with them outdoors. Springsteen and cross country skiing. Hiking and travelling. Animals and the outdoors.

Favourite time of year: The autumn with all its colours and the clean fresh air. Just thinking about it makes me feel happy to the core!

Favourite food: A meal outside after physical activity. Even the simplest of dishes will taste magnificent.

Favourite spot: Lying on my back, looking up at the skies through the branches of the old maple tree at Palstorp on a beautiful summer's day. Or binoculars at the ready at the brook of Härjeån on a cold winter's day looking at dippers and maybe an otter or two!

Dream destination: Australia and its outback, the Great barrier reef, koalas, kangaroos and the Aboriginal culture.

Veronica Johansson

Designer and photographer who creates the graphic design and web sites of the company, as well as being in charge of the social media aspect. I'm also involved in many other aspects of the business and work both at Palstorp and at Skogsbyn.

Contact veronica@palstorpshage.se

Born in July 1976. Having grown up at Enstaberga, a couple of kilometers from Palstorp, this is my home region. I now live with my son Max in a cute little terraced house in Bettna.

What's the best thing about working at Skogsbyn and Palstorp?: It's exciting to be part of something which is constantly developing, where I can use my creativity and imagination in my work as graphic designer and photographer. As I feel at home in the woods, I find the environment incredibly inspiring and a joy to work in. I also love meeting all our guests who come to play and have fun in the summer!

What did you do before you started at Palstorp?: I started my professional life as an assistant nurse, and after 10 years I retrained to become a graphic designer and photographer. I've also worked in restaurants, hotels and cafés.
My family and friends are important to me. Music is also a great interest, as is interior design, health and fitness.

Favourite time of year: The summer! I enjoy all seasons but nothing can beat a warm summer evening spent with your near ones and dear ones.

Favourite meal: Meat! A grilled steak with a salad on the side, that's a meal I love.

Favourite spot: I'm currently in the process of planning and designing my future favourite spot. In spring I'm going to build a terrace where I'll be able to spend warm summer evenings, and have breakfast in the sun before heading to work.

Dream destination: Paris! I'm a big fan of French culture and Paris is a beautiful city. I would love to spend time in Paris in early summer!

Lars Hansson

In my spare time I work at Palstorp and Skogsbyn now and then, both on the maintenance side and in direct contact with guests. Together with Marie, I own Palstorps hage and Skogsbyn. My dayjob is at Schneider Electrics, and I own and run Bunkertours – a company that publishes military history books and offers guided tours.

Contact lars@bunkertours.se

Born in November 1972 and grew up in Oxelösund which has a beautiful archipelago with amazing birdlife. We live at Palstorps gård in Kiladalen since 2011.
What's the best thing about working at Skogsbyn and Palstorp?: It's exciting to see how Palstorp has changed and is still developing, and how much joy it brings our visitors.

What did you do before you started at Palstorp?: I have a degree in engineering and spent my university days in Stockholm. I did my military service onboard HMS Carlskrona. I have also studied at Studsvik Instrument and Cewe Instrument,

Interests: Family, our home and friends. Travelling, Bruce Springsteen, animals and the outdoors. Military history and all things subterranean.

Favourite time of year: September and snow-filled winters.

Favourite meal: A nice piece of steak, preferably cooked outdoors.

Favourite spot: The peninsula Femöre and our cottage in the Härjedalen province.

Dream destination: The Antarctic archipelago with leopard seals, wandering albatrosses, penguins, and good travel companions.